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Caramell Premium Resort Superior

Category: hotel, szálloda
9737 Bükfürdõ, Európa út 18.
(West Transdanubian > Vas)
Bükfürdõ A Vas megyei Caramell Premium Resort Superior Bükfürdõn
Hotel Caramell**** opening in December 2005 is a Spa Hotel with the latest and most modern exterior-interior design and equipment, with well skilled staff in peaceful countryside. It has got not only the traditional medicinal and wellness treatments and services but also a Holistic Centre which applies the latest methods of the alternative naturopathy. Our hotel owns the holistic attitude and applies it in every field. The basic principle of the holistic attitude is the unity and harmony of body, soul and mind. Beside curing and pampering the body we lay great emphasis on regeneration of the soul and on livening up the mental energies. Medicinal water with extraordinary effect which attracts numbers of people looking for curing. Exeptional wealth which is effectively combinable with the professional knowledge of the rheumatologists and physiotherapists of our hotels. Our adventure bath with a special atmosphere, the sauna-world and the salt-cave provide for the wellness of our guests. Our beauty saloon serves our guests with exotic SPA treatments because harmony would be unimaginable without a well-groomed appearance.
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We await our guests with a restaurant for 150 + 50 persons, with a show-kitchen and café almost in 24 hours a day. On our menu there are not only Hungarian specialities, but also foods according to the nationalities of our guests.
Csoportok részére kedvezmény, étterem, büféreggeli, fodrászat, fogászat, kávézó, manikûr, pedikûr, nemdohányzó szobák, telefon, TV a szobában, úszómedence, uszoda, zuhanyozós szobák, ideal for families, pets welcome.
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Hungária Panzió Étterem
Kikapcsolódás Miskolc-Tapolcán
2 fő, 2 éj, félpanzió: 29.800 Ft (7.450 Ft/fő/éj)
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